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File sharing and storage made easy

Upload your Images, documents, music, and video in a single place and access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

How will you use Rediafile

Benefits of using Rediafile for sending files

You can upload files or folders for free. We'll then give you a URL link that you can share as you see fit.We offer a file sharing service without an account. You don't need to register and create an account, to upload and share files.

When we say you can download your files for free, we mean completely free. No fees, no distractions.The Sharing-files online service allows you to quickly share and send all your large files to your friends and contacts. Simple and easy to use, click on the "browse" button and select from your computer the file you want to share (document, music, video, photo, etc.). Sharing-files is then responsible for generating a download link that you can send by e-mail to your correspondents or share it directly on your social networks.Upload files and folders from other Android apps.Rediafile App is easy to use for sharing docs and photos with friends and co-workers.

Sharing-files is then responsible for generating a download link that you can send by e-mail to your correspondents or share it directly on your social networks.Upload files and folders from other Android apps.Rediafile App is easy to use for sharing docs and photos with friends and co-workers..

Store any file

Keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and more.

Files manager

The File Manager can also clean up space and save your internal storage.

See your stuff anywhere

Your files in Rediafile can be reached from any device mobile, smartphone, tablet, or computer. free

Share files and folders

You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want.

Our Service

upload files

Business Clood Storage

Use the new functionality of the SWAGGER.YMAL: OPENAPI file upload in Business to view and upload files such as event logs.

The Rediafile API allows you to view and download files quickly and easily. The interface offered by Rediafile black dashboard allows you to upload files via a simple drag and drop.

It also offers to create folders. it doesn't correspond to anything real but will undoubtedly make life easier for first-time users. Conversely, they will not be aware of the specificity of object storage.!

Call to Action!

This token can either be acquired via `auth/login` endpoint or from account settings page on [Redifile website](https://app.rediafile.com/account/settings).!

Direct Download Link

with rediafile direct download free and without account. generates direct download links (films, series, documentaries, anime, software, music, games and ebooks) but also free streaming links to view the content directly.

Powerful image-editing Tools

Easily bring beautiful photo editing to your website or app.Transform tool allows cropping, flipping, rotation and straightening operations. User can select from a number of crop aspect ratio presets (16:9, 1:1, Facebook, twitter header etc.). .

Developers API

Developer Publishing API allows you to automate frequent tasks.Support importing OpenAPI (Swagger), API login,register,upload and shart file and folders.Powerful yet simple-to-use APIs that provide standard data & essential functionalities.

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Rediafile is great for collaborating on online documents. If you're not using it, we highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you've never used cloud storage before. But even if you are already comfortable with an alternative cloud storage service but that has changed ...

Evans Clark

Thank you redifile all my family photos with my friends are secure with redifile thanks to the service coulde I saved a lot of space on my smartphone

Iyed Istabrek

Thank you rediafile for your service which has simplified the downloading and sharing of documents for our school students

Primary schools 2 Marsh

Service professional with the best Features

Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on Rediafile : The best cloud storage; unlimited capacity available A cloud storage veteran that’s easy to use Business cloud with unlimited storage and excellent third-party integrations

Fast upload

Fast upload

Rediafile is one of the fastest free upload services : One-Time Links Keep control of your downloads. Unlike other file hosts we don't limit the transfer speed of our downloads. No limit on download/upload speed. Always be free

Sharing option

Sharing option

Rediafile is the easy, fast, and secure way to shart large files. Sharing fils as email attachments. Posting files on blog with direct link. Sharing your files on Facebook, Google+ and other social media.

Multiple uploads

Multiple uploads

Multiple uploads files at once Upload. Such as images,music and documents may be uploaded to the file Manager at the same time. Simply selecting multiple files or by uploading a zip or rar archive file

Manage files

Manage files

Manage with ease Make it easy to find your documents and files by using Redifile powerful yet easy-to-use file manager. Upload, copy, move, and control access to your files from anywhere with your desktop or phone

Files encrypted

Files encrypted

easy-to-use encryption solutions, which give you total control over how your private files are accessed and shared. Upload service brings secure file sharing to your fingertips. Disabal to decrypt files UPLOADED encrypted by a virus<br>

Upload and Share Your Files

Get started for free

Our blog

Our blog is a user guide that facilitates the handling of our services for any Rediafile cloud storage user. You learn how to download files and folders to your computer from Rediafile. Let's see together how to create a link to offer your visitors to download a file from a page of your site. Share your files with your partners..

Report Content for Copyright Reasons

Report Content for Copyright Reasons

Report to original file owner. A new flagging option has been added to the copyright flagging stream.

NEW Professionnel Dashboard in Next Month2023

NEW Professionnel Dashboard in Next Month2023

Are your space needs increasing?Rediafile offers a variety of solutions to meet your online storage needs, whatever th...

transfer services used by the general public

transfer services used by the general public

Are you looking for a file sharing solution for personal use? Perfect, here are the most popular tools.


You will find here the list of the most frequently asked questions concerning the use of Rediafile cloud storage which helps you to manipulate your documents with is a solid, safe, fast, simple to upload, manage and share yours files online.

Life Time :We host your files on our cloud storage solution for ever.only user who uploaded the content to REDIAFILE wants to deleted it.

No, there is no download limit. Your shared files can be downloaded as many times as you want, by as many people as you want. You will be notified when someone has downloaded the file.

  • Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on the Rediafile site.
  • Upload, share and manage your files for free.
  • Unlimited capacity available
  • Business cloud with unlimited storage and excellent third-party integrations
  • Secure unlimited cloud storage with a great personal plan

Rediafile also added support for audio and video streaming. Rediafile supports a large number of file formats Image lines (. JPEG,. PNG,. GIF) Video lines (. MPEG4 ,. MOV ,. AVI ,. MPEGPS ,. WMV ,. FLV) Text lines (.TXT) Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint . Luxury / Right (. HTML ,. PHP ,. C ,. CPP ,. HPP ,. JS ,. java) Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) We have no restriction on file type, so you can upload any type. What we don't allow are files that violate our terms of service.

Files can be downloaded from the Rediafile Cloud to your device via you web browser. To download a file from the Rediafile Cloud to your computer, follow these steps.

  • Open the file to view it, but do not save it to your PC..
  • Save the file to your PC in the default download location. After Internet Explorer runs a security scan and finishes downloading the file, you can choose to open the file, open the folder where it is stored, or view the file in Download Manager ..
  • Save with another file name, file type, or download location on your PC.
  • Run the application, extension, or other type of file. After Internet Explorer performs a security scan, the file is opened and begins to run on your PC.
  • Cancel the download and return to browsing the web.

Keep The world a better place with REDIAFILE : For who?

Who is Rediafile for?

Hint: anyone!

Any person or company who needs to Upload file,Images, documents, music, and video in a single place ,share them in a secure and convenient way, with rediafile a could storage made easy Share. Quickly send any file big or small to anyone them everywhere even if they don't have a Redia file account. who needs Unlimited storage,Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on Rediafile.:


File sharing is an everyday task that can have a big effect on customer relationships. With Rediefile you can make sure that your clients will get their files.

Non profits

Low or no budget shouldn't mean low quality solutions. Rediafile is there to cover all of your NGO's file sharing needs at absolutely for free.


Sharing your project's files with your clients is easy and convenient with Rediafile. Whether you are a photographer, a web designer, a video editor, or do any kind of freelance job, Rediafile can improve your workflow and customers.

Distributors or bloger

If you are a web designer, agency, blogger or provide software rediafile is the best solution to send your catalog, quote, vedio, large file and folder to your customers. Unlimited download of uploaded files.