best Free Online Services : Sending Large Files

How to upload files Posted at : November 19, 2021

best Free Online Services : Sending Large Files

Need to send large files online that are not sent by email?

Use the transfer service: Some platforms offer this feature for free and without registration.

How to send large files to online journalists? By big we mean files or folders that are tens or hundreds of megabytes, or even several gigabytes, which is the case when we want to share high resolution photo, video, music or music collections. , colleagues or clients.

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What are the solutions for sending large files over the Internet?

The first idea that comes to mind - which should be discarded immediately! - It's an e-mail. And for good reason! Because if this simple and practical technique actually allows files to be attached to a message, it very quickly reaches the limit that we reach: the size. This is because all e-mail systems impose a maximum "weight" for all attachments. Up to 10 MB, no problem: the message will arrive at its destination with the 'attached' files. Beyond that, it is very variable. Because even if some messaging services accept attachments totaling 20 or 40 MB, this is not the case for everyone, and there is no guarantee that the recipients actually receive the files sent ...

The solution is to share via the readfile cloud.

Whether you have an account or not, we may grant access to third parties to enable them to retrieve files from a shared folder.

 In practice, Readfile is particularly useful for regularly sharing files with friends or colleagues - especially for constantly changing business documents.

Why go through the Rediafile file transfer service?

Indeed, to send large files from time to time to online correspondents, the best solution is to use an online service specializing in file transfer.

First of all, all of these services can be used with a simple web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera or Brave. It is completely independent of the platform used (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.), for sending as well as for receiving. All you need is an internet connection to use it.

Another advantage is the ease of use. Whatever service you choose, everything happens in a clear interface: you just have to choose the link of the file (s) you want to send, indicate your email address and those of the recipients, and possibly write a message accompanying

Then everything happens very simply.

Each recipient receives an email link with the accompanying message. He just has to click on it to go directly to the download page in his browser and retrieve the files. All without any registration, making these services ideal for occasional mailings, even with inexperienced users.

What's more,Files encrypted

Secure File Encryption from Rediafile Protect the files you create and share with Rediafile, easy-to-use encryption solutions, which give you total control over how your private files are accessed and shared.