Online file sharing: safe and easy

How to upload files Posted at : December 18, 2021

Online file sharing: safe and easy

Share your files made easy and protect your sensitive data. Go for an easy file sharing solution and Get More Free Unlimited storage

Sharing files online has just become as easy as sending an email. To exchange files remotely - professional or personal, a multitude of solutions exist. Guided tour of the features offered by the various online file sharing offers.

One account, several features

Most file sharing sites require the creation of an account. Others offer desktop software, to install on your computer, to provide even more services and security. Files can be uploaded online by manual upload , one by one, or by automatically uploading several files from your computer . Files can be recovered from anywhere,  by entering the URL of the shared file into a web browser. Unless you prefer more exclusive solutions, from account to account: only friendly accounts can recover shared files.

Share files online: free or paid?

Going through a free account will give you minimal, yet convenient service, with little storage space and moderate download speed. Paid file sharing sites are becoming more and more advantageous, with ever larger storage space and advanced security options .

Encryption data and download speed

Security, in fact, is often the most important criterion when choosing your online file sharing solution . Data encryption is often proposed, to prevent an attack on the servers of the data sharing company from making secret files usable by others. Finally, speed is another decisive factor in data sharing: free sites offer a download speed that is too slow for professionals, hence the fact that more and more customers are opting for a Premium account.

From solutions that combine freedom, simplicity and security

Some information is more sensitive than others, in particular that handled by management committees, boards of directors or supervisory boards. In order to allow them to exchange information freely and simply while guaranteeing an optimal degree of confidentiality , the solutions have a range of tools that will help them meet this challenge (easy and secure access, strong traceability, rights management access, remote controlled PDF files, etc.).

The Rediafile solutions, confidentiality preserved

Some documents (e.g. a termination plan) are so sensitive that it is best to file them outside the company. Storing files on remote servers ensures a perfect seal between company managers and the rest of the staff. The files are saved in hosting centers which benefit from physical and video surveillance 24 hours a day .

Share files online with Rediafile_share

Rediafile, has developed easy_share to facilitate online file sharing. This IT platform makes it possible to work via the Internet with outsourced employees and to share large files with internal colleagues or with other external professional contacts.

Thanks to Rediafile , you no longer have to worry about format or size : you can send all types of attachments you want. Upload and download times are much faster and the procedures to follow are much simpler.

The interface of easy_share has been specially designed so that the most novice users can easily find their way around. No training is required to use this powerful online file sharing tool .

Share online files: Rediafile_share, a practical solution

Easy_share is a collaboration platform that allows professionals to work with geographically dispersed contacts. The multilingual interface greatly facilitates the development of your activities . This online file sharing solution is accessible anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

The manager of a company who goes to another country for business no longer risks losing the medium in which he has saved the documents he must present to a new partner or a potential client. Rediafile also offers specific versions of easy_share to better meet the needs of businesses.