Cloud workspace , Access From any Device

Cloud workspace , Access From any Device

Cloud workspace , Access From any Device

Dec 21, 2023 03:01 PM support Rediafile

best online storage services

From the simplest to the most secure via the online service offering the most free storage space, discover the best online storage services for overflowing photos, videos, music and files folders and you are looking for a solution. of online storage so you no longer have to juggle your different hard drives and NAS? Are you a professional and need a collaborative tool for your teams? Or are you just looking for the best online storage service to sync all your files in the cloud and access your files from any platform?

So feel free to check out the online storage service offerings described in this selection, you might be able to find the solution you need there.

Redia File

Thanks to your Google account, you have access to a multitude of free services. Among all these online tools, Rediafile is one of the most complete and successful of the firm. Indeed, associated with the Rediafile, which provides you with a workspace and storage in the cloud, accessible from any device.

Offering 100 GB of storage for free, you can save many documents automatically through a specific folder on your computer, which transfers a copy and syncs to your online account regularly.

Best of all, Redia file is also a collaborative service, since you can share your documents with your teams or friends. You can also determine the rights of your collaborators in order to authorize the editing of the document or only its consultation.

Of course, the allocated storage space can be increased with a simple request to

>> Download APK Rediafil

Sharing the latest photos of your evening with friends or your latest vacation video with loved ones can quickly get complicated for you and for the people you want to send your data to.

Rather than storing your documents on a USB key or hard drive that will have to be rotated in the hands of all the protagonists, the simplest solution is undoubtedly to forward your large files with rediafile

 using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Rest assured: your downloads are not lost. Let's find them together… Transfer ideas. Transform the world

5 advantages of a mobile application for your business

More than 6 in 10 people own a smartphone .

These small devices are now part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally, especially through mobile applications.

These software are multiplying and their usefulness is more and more obvious to manage their daily life. To this end, any business must ask itself the following question: should we launch a mobile application ?

There is no clear-cut answer and the decision to develop an app must be carefully considered ...

However, there are several good reasons you should consider creating a mobile app. 

1. A privileged contact with your customers

Thanks to a smartphone application, there is no need for an intermediary! You are in direct contact with your potential customers.

Unlike the Internet or social networks which put you in constant competition with other players in your field of activity, the mobile application offers privileged contact with your customers .

Depending on its nature, the application can also be a gateway for your prospects. By knowing how to be useful, you make potential customers want to know more about you and use your paid services.

2. Reduced cost marketing

No more expensive advertising via traditional communication channels or 4 x 3 signs posted in the streets:

Mobile marketing allows even small businesses to promote themselves without investing colossal sums of money.

As intimate as word of mouth , and as effective as a large-scale marketing campaign, the development of a mobile application reaches a wider target audience, while remaining financially and technically accessible: it is even possible to generate an application without developers .

3. A better understood target core

The mobile application is aimed at a potential clientele that is already targeted and known .

By respecting the codes of mobile applications (updated information, regular and brief push notifications , development of new features, etc.), you are sure to capture the attention of your prospects.

And an interested and captivated customer has every chance of becoming an enticed customer who completes the purchase or who 4. A presence without intrusion

A smartphone application is consulted as soon as the user feels the need. He can choose to receive notifications, but it is not mandatory.

Thus, the mobile user does not even perceive this software as a marketing tool .

This method of communication and loyalty is not intrusive in the customer's life, it only brings added value. The user's perception of your business is therefore positive.

At the same time, you strengthen his confidence in your business .

renew it.

5. An evolution that has become necessary

We are not teaching you anything: social networks and mobile applications have become real references in terms of information and communication.

By developing a mobile application related to your business, you show that you are trendy, that you know how to adapt to the lifestyle of your customers.

Indirectly, this has repercussions on your company's image: you become a modern brand , able to meet the new needs of its consumers .

To be at the forefront of fashion, also think of Progressive Web Apps , new generation apps that do not require any installation.


We could have added a 6th advantage to this list: the ease of developing a personalized mobile application perfectly suited to your needs ... On condition of calling on a specialist:

Find a freelance mobile app developer on

Also discover our model of specifications for mobile app in order to frame your project.


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