Free File Upload and sharing Service

Free File Upload and sharing Service

Free File Upload and sharing Service

Dec 21, 2023 02:05 PM support Rediafile

Is it free ?

Uploading your files is totally free. You can upload files up to 50 GB as a free user but your files can be stored for maximum 1tr Rediafile provides FREE files hosting with a simple and lightning fast uploading tool and store them forever.

What can I upload ?

You can upload any file as long as they are legal. We are very strict about laws so any uploaded file that violates any law or our terms of use will be deleted immediately and your account will be closed without any notification.

How do I share ?

It is really easy to share your files. After you complete an upload, a download link will be generated. You can share this link with anyone and when they visit this link they will see a download button and get your files easily.

Download limit per file ?

There is no download limit for the uploaded files. When the files expire or are deleted, It won't be available for downloading anymore.

.Secure Files Upload

                   Privacy and data integrity keep you and your client safe. Privacy and security 

               File sharing is  our top priority. All data will transfer via SSL, and we use SSE

              ( Server-Side-Encryption) tool  to encrypted all data. 

Access On All Devices

Upload and save all your files on Rediafile private cloud and access them from anywhere. Install Rediafiles mobile App for fast access. We provide lighting fast uploading tool with a powerful file manager system. 

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What is file sharing?

Online file sharing is a way to save and send large files that you couldn't just add as an email attachment. The maximum size of attached files is often exceeded and sending is not possible. The files are generally stored in the cloud made available by the sharing software used.

This form of online file sharing is a good way to protect a company's administrative documents, but also videos, photos, music, etc.

There are many large file transfer solutions out there, some free and some chargeable, depending on the services and storage capacity offered.

What interests the company?

There are various advantages to storing and sharing files online. It is above all a good way to protect your data on the Internet. This online storage of your data (professional documents, videos, photos, etc.) can indeed prove to be very useful in the event of failure or damage to your computer equipment.

It is also easy to access your files online from any computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) as long as you have an Internet connection.

Finally, this file sending system comes in handy for easily sharing large files, videos and photos with your work colleagues, friends or family.

How to send large files?

Knowing that messaging systems generally block attachments that are too large, large file transfer software then presents itself as the most practical solution to send a large file (several MB) to its recipient.

The solution is generally to go through a free or paid file host to store and share the files, for example by sending a download link.

There are many large file sharing tools that make it easy to transfer multiple GB of data with just a few clicks. Often free, they can become chargeable to have access to a larger storage capacity.



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