Resetting An Account Password

Resetting An Account Password

Resetting An Account Password

Jan 20, 2024 04:08 PM support Rediafile

I Forgot my  Password

We at Rediafile understand from time to time passwords are lost or forgotten and we are here to assist you. Here are some quick steps to reset your password.

Step 1: While attempting to login, Click the Forgot Password link and enter your email address to receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

Step 2: Once you receive the password reset email, please follow these instructions included in the email:

  • Click the link to reset the password
  • Your browser will be redirected to a Rediafile page. To reset your password, use this page to enter a new password.
  • For your security, please select a unique password that you have not used on other websites. Strong passwords contain more than eight characters and include small and capital letters, special characters and numbers.

If you did not receive the password reset email, here are some additional steps to assist you.

Step 1: Check your spam folder for the password reset email.

Step 2: To prevent this email being marked as spam, please add resetpassword(at) to your safe list.

Step 3: To confirm the correct email address was entered, please revisit the Forgot Password form and ensure the correct email address is resubmitted.

Step 4: If you have multiple email addresses, please try them all.  If you are having trouble remembering an old email address, look for emails and correspondence that would have used that email address.  If it’s an old gmail, yahoo, etc. email address, try to reactivate it or set it up again.   

These steps are the quickest and easiest ways to regain access to your account. After confirming the correct email address has been submitted and the Password Reset email still hasn’t arrived, please respond to the original ticket you had submitted to contact one of our friendly customer support agents.

Now you can upload ,download file from you accont 

8 tips for securing your passwords

Did you know that sometimes it only takes a few seconds for a malicious person to crack your password? To prevent such a situation it is essential to create secure passwords.

If your password looks like "123456", "azerty", "password" or even "iloveyou" then be prepared to change it. Your accounts are far from secure.

Sometimes it is very easy for malicious people to discover a password, and when that happens, it is a direct entry into your personal data.

To avoid such a situation, it is essential to strengthen your password, and here is how to do it.

1. Create multiple passwords

Many of us only use one and the same password for all our accounts for the sake of memorization.

However, this is a practice to be avoided because if someone discovered your password, they would have easy access to all your data .

To avoid being hacked in cascade, favor a unique password for each account.

2. Use a password generator

An easy solution, the password generator will provide you with a succession of random letters and numbers, difficult to remember, of course, but also difficult to hack.

Dashlane  is a trusted password generator that gives you the option to choose the length of the password. You can even choose whether or not to include letters, numbers and symbols.

3. Focus on length

If you don't want to use a password generator but prefer to create it yourself, go for the length.

This means that you should insert more than 10 characters, 12 and 14 being good averages.

The longer your password, the more difficult it will be to guess.

4. Vary the characters

Beyond the number of characters, their type is also important.

Ideally, your password should contain 4 different types of characters:

  • Uppercase letters

  • Lowercase letters

  • Numbers

  • Special characters

Do not hesitate to mix them well to obtain a random effect. Because precisely….

5. Prefer randomness

Your password should not have any special meaning such as a date, a nickname, the name of your dog, a logical sequence of numbers and letters, etc.

Go for a random password, which doesn't mean anything.

6. Change password regularly

For more security, it is recommended to change your password regularly, especially in companies when they give access to sensitive data .

If someone leaves your company or if you stop working with a service provider who has access to some of your accounts, quickly change your passwords.

7. Remember passwords without writing them down

Once your password is created so that it is secure, you realize that it is difficult to remember. Especially since you have several if you followed tip # 1.

Our reflex would be to write them down in a notebook, in our smartphone, in a text file… It's a… very bad idea! Unless you want your passwords to be easily stolen ...

So how do you do it? You can use your memory or ...

8. Use a password manager.

A password manager takes the form of a database in which you can securely store your usernames and passwords. To access it, you will of course have to enter a password but it will ultimately be the only one to remember.

Keepass is a very serious password manager whose security has been assessed by the National Information Systems Security Agency ( ANSSI ).

Bonus: test your password

To find out if your password is strong enough, you can test it on  How Secure is my Password?

You'll see how long it would take for a computer to crack your password, and even get personalized tips to make it stronger.


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Resetting An Account Password
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