Share your photos with your loved ones

Share your photos with your loved ones

Share your photos with your loved ones

Dec 26, 2023 02:37 PM support Rediafile

Now that you've taken hundreds of photos over the holiday season, and after you've sorted them out, you need to send them to your family or friends. We explain how to do this with several solutions.

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You've returned from your family reunion for the end of the year celebrations. You may have taken 20, 30… or 1200 photos - like the author of these lines. And, with them, the promise to share them with everyone once they have been sorted and edited. But once you're in your mailbox, you quickly realize that you can only send attachments that are 25MB or less. Suffice to say that it is short to share all these memories.

Fortunately, several solutions exist to easily share tens or hundreds of photos to your loved ones. In this file, we share with you the best services to allow everyone to recover your magnificent photos.

Share lots of family photos online

Sharing family photos  - You may already know that sharing family photos on the internet is often complicated. While many Internet users use social networks to publish their photo albums, most do not realize the dangers to which they expose their loved ones. To share your family photo and video albums without risk, creating a private Manager file space is certainly the best solution to Rediafile. 

How to share family photos online?

More and more of you are looking for a reliable service to share family photos or videos. Platforms, applications, blogs, storage space, which is the best choice? Sharing photo albums or videos of your children and family on the Internet should not be improvised. The use of social networks is to be banned. In terms of privacy protection and confidentiality of exchanges, the lack of reliability and trust in Facebook , Instagram or even Google photos, is no longer to be demonstrated.

There are many benefits to creating a secure family photo space. 

Only 3 pieces of information are needed. Give your private space a name, enter your email address and a password to manage your secure photo / video blog.

You then access the administration area which allows you to easily customize and manage your storage space. Creating and uploading photo or video albums is very easy. You can create a guest list and choose what they will be able to see. You can also choose whether your guests will be able to download your photos.

Practical and useful features are available to the administrator:

  • Create your private family photos and videos space

  • Quick to use and easy to use

  • Invisible on search engines

  • A practical and efficient administration area

  • No advertising and data usage

  • Guests do not need to create an account

  • Ideal for sharing remotely with loved ones

  • Free registration without installing an application

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